Transport Mobility InfraForecast

SaaS for transport infrastructure and services modelling, planning, and monitoring
Product design
2019 — 2023

About the client

IEC International is a privately owned tech think tank in infrastructure and transportation planning

Macroeconomic and trade forecasts
Freight transportation policies, strategies and models
Smart and integrated urban mobility
Digital transformation and big data in transport sector
Assessment of direct and indirect effects of transport projects
Feasibility studies for investment projects in transport, logistics, and urban mobility


InfraForecast is a software as a service tool for strategic and operational planning in transport and logistics

InfraForecast consists of Global transport designer (national and subregional tool for transport & economic balance) and Local transport designer (Urban and regional mobility planning tool). InfraForecast is being developed by IEC Applications and Services, a member of InfraEconomy Group
Link of economic and transport context adjusted to local peculiarities
Flows projection and allocation by routes
Test of various conditions and scenarios
Revealing urban transport and socio-economic flows
Calculation of ESG metrics
Single window for transport and economic information
Digital twins of transport systems


Implement the latest unique calculation methods in the field of transport expertise in a simple and understandable interface

Show the result of complex work in a simple way
Build a product from scratch, supplement and develop it
Structuring work with the client


Conducted 3 in-depth interviews
Market research & competitive analysis
After each researches in the project, the artifacts that we relied on when making decisions were processed and saved


We defined the main categories of users of the product

Experts who work in the system every day and create records for each project
Low-rank local officials who go into an already calculated project and make targeted changes
Major officials who accept the project

Interface Structure

For each module of the system, schemes were created and supplemented. We helped the development team not lose system features with each release

Building design
process with a client

We have optimized the time to create a layout by involving the customer in wireframing
Anton Zelinskiy
Project manager @IEC
Our optimization of time was greatly aided by the use of wireframes on the project. This allowed us to quickly iterate and make changes, resulting in a more efficient workflow.
What impressed me most about the design studio was their ability to translate our complex technical requirements into elegant and user-friendly designs. They worked closely with our team to ensure that the user experience was seamless and intuitive, which was critical for the success of our product.

Design of all

+150 layouts

Results in numbers

Designed modules, 4 years
> $8 000 000
Attracted funding, just within 1 year
> 5 000
Projects created and processed, 4 years


Node JS


Vasily Lomakin
Chief Technology Officer @IEC
I have had the pleasure of working with the design studio on several projects. I have to say that the experience was nothing short of exceptional. They worked closely with our team and always met deadlines.We have a lot of scenarios and data, and that’s why being attentive to details was pretty important for us. They have consistently delivered designs that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also technically sound and seamless.I highly recommend these guys!

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