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Aggregator for medical micro loans for procedures not covered by insurance
Product design
November 2022 — To this day

We have significantly improved the usability of the micro loans platform

We helped with the interface design for the main user type (clinic receptionist), to make sure they are efficient in scheduling, keeping their clients, and promoting the platform with their users


The interface looked overloaded, there was no hierarchy, and it took a lot of time to onboard the user
It was difficult for the user to understand how to accomplish the task, what is important for now, and what needs to be done next
The client also wanted to make it more visually friendly
Before / After

User flow

We conducted in-depth interviews with stakeholders and visualized the whole process from receiving an invite to join the platform through sending the patient lending offers to scheduling the procedure


Receptionists are mostly not tech savvy and overloaded with all sorts of tasks from greeting a patient to assisting doctors in surgery. The interface had to be self-explanatory, clear, and well-organized

During the wireframing stage, we worked collaboratively with the client

The client provided valuable feedback and suggestions that helped to determine the functionality and structure of the interface. Additionally, this ensured that the interface met the requirements of the client and their business goals
Through collaboration, we were able to achieve better results
Flow: Unlocked Offers
A progress bar visually communicates the patient's status
How does it help?
  • It provides feedback on what steps have been completed and how much is left to be done
  • Also helps users stay engaged with a task by providing a sense of accomplishment and motivation as they see the progress being made
  • It improves the user experience by reducing anxiety and frustration that may arise from uncertainty about the status of a task
This is a dynamic block, it’s content changes depending on the status
How does it help?
  • The user receives only the information that is really important now, and only those actions that will continue to move him further
  • We placed it in the central part of the screen with the proper actions to make sure the user will pay attention and focus on solving the current task
We made the Note block looks like a messenger because it’s a more familiar way for users to communicate
How does it help?
  • In one form, the user can read a new note, view the notes thread, reply, and add a new note
  • This approach allows the user to achieve the final goal without additional instructions and onboarding
We can track the entire path of interaction with the client, from the first touch to the current stage
How does it help?
  • The information in the block is structured by time and has its own markers that allow a user to find what action, when, and by who it was committed quickly
  • Thanks to expanding elements users can explore every step in detail anytime which save their time


After Effects


Jordan Dixon
Founder & CEO @OnederfulFinance
UXDStorytellers successfully redesigned the client's platform, resulting in an optimized financing dashboard. The team was highly communicative and productive, and internal stakeholders were particularly impressed with the vendor's dedication to resolving complex issues and design prowess.

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